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Lettering MASK for awnings (4 size coverups)

  • $ 189.80

Currently unavailable while we upgrade our system.

The MASK System is the MASK with custom lettering already on it, ready to apply in one piece.

For other sizes, we need to have the Height and the Length of the MASK, along with the exact wording you want on it. For this and projects with graphics, ask for a price quote
More letters? Different sizes? We can do that. Ask for a price quote.

What is the best size to order?

What size? Figure 25-30 feet readability per inch in CAPITAL height, so a ten inch letter will be readable 250 to 300 feet away (10" x 25 or 10" x 30) on a vertical awning; less distance on a sloped or slanted awning. As use and application of this product, and the finish or suitability of the awning to which it is applied are outside of our control, this is sold without any warranty as to suitability. Test this product before ordering and application.
Application instructions are available here for downloading: Application instructions [pdf]. This product sets permanently within 36 hours. Once it is removed, it probably can't be re-applied.

Fabric dye lots change from time to time, so there is no guarantee of an exact color match possible.
Caveat: The customer is responsible for the correct ordering of the product, otherwise should have a person knowledgeable in type styles and fonts help in placing the order.

You may request consultation by sending a photo with desired text and placement.

Certain styles have very tall ascenders and/or descenders or ligatures that are far different from the capital height ordered and may not fit the required space. If you specify a MASK Height, we will make the letters fit, no matter what size is ordered.

All dimensions are nominal. Due to the differences in type styles, we do our best to get close to the size ordered.
*PRICE INCLUDES COST OF BACKING UP TO 15% greater area than lettering. Larger backing by quote.


Currently unavailable while we upgrade our system.



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