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Reverse Metal Letter (INDIVIDUAL) for Concrete Casting Molds

  • $ 4.99


Small letters: Allow 8-15 work days (2-3 weeks) for lettering to be made. This is not a stock item; it is made when it's ordered and cannot be returned. Font: Sharp-face Gothic Reverse. Minimum order is $150.00 before shipping. We are not able to process orders for less than the factory minimum dollar amount. 
Here are instructions on use.

Select size of letter then enter total under quantity.
Under comments in checkout, enter the letters you want.
Minimum order in 1/2" size is 32 letter quantity,
minimum order in 1" size is 27 letter quantity, 
minimum order of 1.5" letters is 18 pieces quantity,
minimum order of 2" letters is 9 pieces minimum,
minimum order of 2.5" letters is 6 pieces minimum,
minimum order of 3" letters is 5 pieces minimum.

Reverse-cast metal letters (reusable) for concrete molding
Choose from sizes:
0.5", 1", 1.5", 2", 2.5", 3"

See also: 78 pc. set here

Remember, these are reusable.

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