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60" tall [5 foot] V3 Replacement Fiberglass Sign Panels

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Replacement panels for popular readerboard signs and DIY sign projects.

Panels are reinforced V3 FiberGlass with vertical corrugation as shown.
4x5 foot panels come without track (tracked panels shown).
Order TWO panels for a 5 foot tall x 8 foot wide sign, THREE panels for a 5' tall x 12 foot wide sign. ORDER TWO SETS TO COVER BOTH SIDES OF TYPICAL SIGN. 

Panel 'flutes' are 5 feet tall. Each panel is 60" tall by 48" wide.
See also Pro-weight v3 from 40" to 96" tall 
Rigid track for your sign panels in 8 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot lengths
Pronto Lifetime letter sets and nylon rivets

Ask for a quote for a boxing and freight estimate.