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Fabric Cover-Ups (for awnings) by the foot

Fabric Cover-Ups (for awnings) by the foot

  • $ 24.00

Currently unavailable while we upgrade our system. Order by the roll.

Red shown above. Select the number of feet under "Size"; minimum order is 3 feet at $8 per running (linear) foot. WHOLESALE ONLY. No further discounts apply.
We now sell this material by the linear foot by popular demand. This is a custom-cut product and is not returnable.

Minimum order is 3 running feet (15" roll [about 14" useable] x 36"). Price includes special box/packaging.

DuraStik self-adhesive sheets are tightly woven real fabric- with an aggressive adhesive on the back- for applying to awnings (vinyl and canvas), woven jackets, flags, sailboat and sail surfer sailcloth and more. Ready to cut on your plotter using a new 45° blade or 60° blade, or with scissors or X-Acto blade.

Makes an excellent patch for tents, watercraft and car convertible tops and awnings.
For a sample piece to test: Send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with $3 to cover the cost of handling to:
LetterBank Awning Sample,
PO Box 68,
Pismo Beach CA 93448-0068.

You will receive a random sample piece of self-adhesive DuraStik to try out in about 7-10 days. Application instructions [pdf]
For decorative and display use. Rated not to fade up to two years outdoors in direct sunlight. Terrific indoors, too. White is very good for awning lettering. As use and application of this product and the finish or suitability of the awning to which it is applied are outside of our control, this is sold without any warranty as to suitability. Test this product before ordering and application.

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