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Economy Foam Letters 1" Thick (painted or plain)

  • $ 11.85

Minimum Order is ten letters. Orders for less than minimum will be canceled. 
Our dimensional foam sign letters can be used for indoor or outdoor wall and building signs after painting. Foam sign letters provide a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive channel, metal, and acrylic lettering. These 1" thick letters may also be used for economical cast concrete. Foam letters are also used for props, displays, wall decor, crafts and many other lettering projects.
Most anyone can install foam sign lettering using silicone for outdoor installation or double sided tape for indoor installations.  After the lettering has been painted and installed correctly foam letters can last for years, even outdoors in virtually all climates.
Minimum Order is ten letters. As these are the least expensive letters you can find, you can order as many as you like. 
Count up the number of letters you want and enter that total in the "quantity" box. 
Available in Block/Helvetica capitals or lowercase only. Choose size, count up letters and place order. When we go to enter the order you have placed, we will contact you to see which letters you want.

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