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Awning Cover-Up Mask in printed fabric for canopies, sails and fabrics

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Will this work with my awning? Order a small test piece to try out. 
Our DuraStik™ brand fabric CoverOvers are custom-made for your project in tough,

self-adhesive woven fabric, available with full color printing. Much cheaper than replacing an awning and also 100% storm-proof when applied properly on qualifying fabrics.
DuraStik™ has been field-tested nationally for over ten years without a single reported failure. DuraStikCover-Ups/Mask is perfect for covering over old business names while adding a decorative element to your awning, canopy and fabric displays.

How to order (more options listed below):

    1. Choose from the popular sizes below
      OR contact us with the exact dimensions of the DuraStik™ CoverOvers for a price quote.

    2. Send us a vector/PDF file ready to print and we'll let you know if there are any additional costs.

When you submit your order, we'll go over the specs for your order. Minimum 170.00 order applies.

Always test this product before ordering and applying. Order a sample here 
MORE OPTIONS? Also see: 
Place your order for the printed signs THEN upload art.

Send art 


If your art is useable as received, there is no setup charge ($49 minimum wording, $98 minimum full color/photographic). We will advise you once we review your file.