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V3 Fiberglass Commercial Grade Corrugated Sheets 52" x 96" cut to size

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EXPENSIVE TO SHIP VIA FREIGHT, you may want to consider our popular v3 fiberglass panels instead.
Can be cut to 40" x 60" or any size for an additional cutting fee. State sizes (height x width) on order confirmation email.

Commercial grade super 800 8 oz. 52" x 96" profile fiberglass sheet. Ridges/waves run along the 96" length. Signs require vertical ridges so you will need two 48x48 for a typical 4x8 foot sign. 1-11 pieces at price shown. Discount rebate price breaks at 12, 25, 50 and 100 pieces.

"Cutting to size" order is available as an option. Add to cart and we will ask for the cut size when you place your order. Allow 3 days (average) for processing the cut sheets. Shipping can be costly for larger cuts.