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Sign Blank in Fiber-Brite 48" x 24"

Sign Blank in Fiber-Brite 48" x 24"

  • $ 26.49


Our 48" x 24" sign Blanks are manufactured from our Fiberglass Reinforced Panel with our Weather shield Gel Coat to protected it even more against UV rays.

For quantities over 6 pieces, ask for a price quote: Pop-Up Quote Request  

All signs are fabricated with radius corners and mounting holes.

Our standard blanks have 3/8" holes for mounting and radius corners in accordance with the Federal Standard Highway Signs Manual.

Blanks come standard non-reflective, but that option can be added if desired.


  • Fiber-Brite was developed to replace aluminum and it is the only nonmetallic substrate accepted by the DOT to be used as traffic signs.
  • Our Fiber-Brite panels have a ten-year warranty that lasts as long as the new FHWA reflective sheeting regulation.

  • Our Fiber-Brite comes in 7 stock colors with built-in color technology that can be printed directly to the panel without incurring the cost of sheeting or vinyl application.

  • Our Fiber-Brite has a weather shield gel coat technology that protects the panel from the harmful rays of the sun that warp, fade and destroy other substrates.  

  • Fiber-Brite is very receptive to most common inks and its UV inhibitors make them last even longer than other substrates.
  • Our Fiber-Brite does not bend, dent or crack and its special properties deter theft associated with aluminum substrates.

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