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S-Wind 4x8 Readerboard with wind covers

S-Wind 4x8 Readerboard with wind covers

  • $ 1,375.50

The new S-Wind sign is everything you've been asking for.
A portable sign with one or two clear wind covers, heavy duty track and 0.060" letters. 
The sign is on stands for easy placement and portability. NOW includes lights, too.
FOB KY. Letter storage case option FOB IL. Color letters option ship separately FOB AL.
Letter Storage cabinet offer is $149.95 plus separate shipping added after order is charged.
Additional information from customer questions:
The frame contains lighting inside the cabinet, which is visible from both sides. 
Both sides have white "faces" with track so a message may be easily arranged and readily changed.
The overall size of the sign cabinet is 48" tall, 96" wide, plus the height added by the adjustable height steel stands as shown.

The doors lock closed, and are designed to keep the wind and busy hands from changing the messages. 
The door(s) do not create a water-tight closure, as the entire sign, cabinet, faces and letters are not sensitive to moisture and do not require such expensive upgrades.
Letters are 8" tall, printed onto 9" tall clear plastic. They are pushed up into the top track, then rest in the bottom track, secured by the top track.

The entire sign face (on each side) accommodates 4 lines of text or custom-made optional word/business name panels.

The signs are made to be portable, and as such may be 'powered' by any standard outdoor-certified power source, extension cord, etc. The main difference in power source for portables (such as the s-wind) or permanent marquees, such as our 100, 200, 300 and 400- series signs, is that on permanent installations, an electrical contractor must connect electrical wiring through conduit for a permanent connection to the sign itself, whereas on a portable sign, the end user can use an appropriately secure certified extension cord with a ground trip breaker. The power connection is something that almost every hardware store can provide or assist you with.

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