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Larger Replacement Fiberglass v3 Sign Faces for Roadside Signs

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Also available:
Panels with no track  Panels for rigid letters Panels for 
OSA signs

Replacement panels for popular readerboard signs.
Panels are reinforced V3 FiberGlass with vertical corrugation as shown. Two 4x4 foot panels together make up each larger sign 'face'; Each sign face covers ONE SIDE of your 4x8 sign. Standard track is for flex letters (order letters separately flex 8 on 8-7/8" letters) or non-yellowing acrylic 0.030" letters.

Also available with no track The track is what holds the basic 4x4 panels together, so you will need to assemble them with your own track into the size face desired. Minimum 2 panels per order.
Optionally, you can order 'face' panels with RIGID TRACK made for acrylic letters 0.060-0.090" thick or Pronto letter sets (order separately at extra cost). Must ship freight.
Sizes: 6 foot.  8 foot10 foot. 12 foot.
Panels for OSA signs. Order sign face adaptor to allow v3 faces to work with OSA signs.

Note on 60" panels. Due to closures, the lightweight 60" panels are no longer available. Please check here for options.
Ask for a quote (include your full street address for a freight estimate as well). You can only order faces with rigid track by quote.