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Velocity Pop up!

Velocity Pop up!

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The newest Pop-up beats all others flat!
Frame <i> with fabric graphic attached </i>
pops up in less than 2 minutes! Order graphic fabric separately.
Kit includes easy storage canvas bag- All you need! Order by size needed. <b> Pops up in less than 2 minutes!</b>
<hr><h3>The secret</font><br><FONT FACE="verdana,Arial,Helvetica" SIZE="-2">Edges on frame (with Velcro̴å¬ brand fasteners) accepts our professional, vibrant sublimated Spandex fabrics.
The stretchy fabric retains color well, and stays on the display- even when it is collapsed and stored in bag! The nature of the fabric allows folded storage without wrinkles! Order now!</h3>

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