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WindSign 2 for 24x36" signs

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The Windsign 2 (middle image)̴Ì_is one of our most popular̴Ì_wind signs.
Order with optional letter̴Ì_panels and letter set option. Ships in 2 boxes.

* Springs connect the frame to the base allowing sign to resist strong winds and return to upright position.
* "Quick change" feature enables sign blanks to be changed in seconds and stay securely in place. No clips, bolts or special treatment.
* Sand or water fillable plastic base with factory installed wheels. Free funnel included to facilitate loading.
* Base weighs 90 lbs. when filled with sand and 45 lbs. when filled with water
* Molded-in tie down hole allows chaining or wiring the base, deterring theft.
* Attractive plastic frame design eliminates torn miters and jammed latches. Won't rust or splinter.
* Two-sided (hold two signs per frame). Can accommodate coroplast, aluminum, acrylic, or any foamboard.

Available Accessories: Message Boards and Marker Boards