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X‑Ply® Reinforced Monofilm 4mil 54" rolls

X‑Ply® Reinforced Monofilm 4mil 54" rolls

  • $ 175.00

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This is a clear, 100 percent polyester film with black thread reinforcement in an X-pattern. A great choice for windows in sails, X-Ply® Reinforced Monofilm is lightweight with good stability and durability.

To install X-Ply Reinforced Monofilm, use Seamstick double-sided tape to adhere the material to the fabric before sewing and cutting. After the material is in place, use scissors to trim away the fabric and expose the window.

Ready to cut on your plotter using a new 45° blade or 60° blade, with scissors or an x-acto knife. 

Recommended Uses

Marine: Sails, Windows

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