Banners: Design, Display and Materials

Banners: Design, Display and Materials

How to create a custom banner:
After you determine the optimal size for your banner, you will need to [a] design, [b] choose the right material and [c] Display it on one of our stands or on a wall!

display it on something!

Size: Best determined by location. Outdoors you may be competing for eyes of potential customers and should probably start at 2x10 or 3x10 feet to be eye-catching. Indoors, any size will work, so long as it's easy to read. Typical indoor sizes are 2x4, 3x4, 3x6 and 2x8 feet.

Design: Ask your favorite graphic designer after you decide the optimal size for your banner. Our LetterBank / MyDIYsigns Art Department can create a proof for you after the order is received and paid, by request. The proof delays the order by a day or so, and so we only offer it when there's a request with the order. Cost for custom setup begins at $49.95 for text and colors, to $99.95 for your photos and graphics. Feel free to ask before a project begins!

Materials: We have fabric banners, which are excellent for indoor and outdoor use, and are machine washable. We have two grades of vinyl banners for those that prefer plastic.

Display: For wall mounting you can order grommets (reinforced holes) or our favorite, pole sleeves. The pole sleeves allow you to insert a pole or dowel so that your banner "drapes" flat, instead of depending on the tight pulling of corners to make it taut.

Feel free to ask about any of our products and our suggestions, we're here to make signs that make sense!