Create a simple stone wall entrance with lettering, DIY!

Create a simple stone wall entrance with lettering, DIY!

There are many kinds of dimensional letters.
For the sake of simplicity, we'll just focus on typical metal or cast plastic letters used for community gateways and entrances. The CAB plastic letters are made to last a lifetime 

and come in a variety of typestyles, sizes and finishes.
You can get an idea of the many finishes and styles by looking at a few samples here. As we make the signs to order (and there are many, many variables to consider), the best way to plan or budget for your job is to request a price quote.

Let's look at some of the basics that you'll need to know to price your project, then we'll get into some basics about installation and preparation. So, what do you need to know? It looks pretty simple; letters on a wall. What can go wrong?

 1. Letter size 
To begin, the size of the lettering is important. The optimal size takes into account [a] the size of the wall, [b] how close it is to the roadway, and [c] how fast people will drive past it. Other factors, like contrast ratio to the background, are important as well. How tall do you think the

Dunwoody lettering is in the top photo? The answer is at the end of this paragraph. The large capitals are 14" (21.6cm) and the rest are 8.5"(35.6cm) tall. The address numbers are 4 inches (10.1cm). Were you close?

 2 Letter styles 
Here are a few easily recognized styles of lettering. You may want something more decorative, more upscale in appearance or more friendly and welcoming. The Typographic designers at LetterBank and at, for example, provide guidance and suggestions for legibility in your particular project application.

As you can see, different styles and finishes lend to the look and feel of the overall design. Be careful when choosing a dated style, as this project will last for many years. Stick with classic styles for the most timeless looks. (See also: How to design with type)

 3 Kinds of materials 
Plastic or metal? Flat or dimensional? Your job project manager may have a suggestion. After so many years of making signs and working with contractors, we have a few good ideas too. We can help you decide based on your budget and the "look and feel" you want to achieve. The Dunwoody above is a dimensionally molded CAB acrylic; the VENU is injection-molded CAB acrylic, the Melitsina example is fabricated or cast metal and the Homewood is flat cut solid polished brass. This is a collection ranging from least expensive to most costly, of course, based on the sizes and thicknesses of the lettering.
Price request form (or emailScreen Shot 2017-06-14 at 6.47.11 PM.png)

Budgeting time and using the right tools for the job
For most installations with a crew of two people with an average aptitude or one contractor, allow about an average work day to measure out, pre-drill using our paper template, and to install the lettering. The silicone cement or epoxy will harden and your project should be beautiful and permanent for all to enjoy within 24 hours or so. Get a price estimate.

Here are some more examples of the six basic kinds of letters available for your new wall project.

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