How to choose and order Metal and Plastic Dimensional Letters for Buildings and Walls

How to choose and order Metal and Plastic Dimensional Letters for Buildings and Walls

It's so complicated to order dimensional letters for my business. We don't think it should be hard.  
Here are some 
of the letters we make and a brief rundown on how to order them*

Dimensional letters come in many options, styles, finishes, colors and options, including standard front-lighted and rear lighted.

Some of the different kinds of letters include the conventional metal 'can' with a color plastic 'face' and LEDs inside, the newer all-plastic molded letters,

'reverse channel' (rear-lit) letters in many metal finishes, cut-out letter cabinets and many new and striking combinations have high-efficiency LED lighting.

Of course, all of these are available without lighting as well, although not as effective or eye-catching as the indoor or outdoor lighted letter signs.

Here's a breakdown by kind:

Fabricated Letters (welded and fastened metal sides and backs with plastic color fronts)
These combine the premium look of our fabricated metal letters with the sophisticated visibility of diffused halo or face lighting. Produced in a wide range of sizes from 2.5″ to 60″ high, in multiple rich stainless steel finishes and painted aluminum options, all lit with one of five LED colors.

  • Unlimited custom styles in stainless steel or aluminum
  • Up to 6″ deep
  • Face or halo lighting options
  • UL Certified
  • 17 standard finish options
  • Made in North America for competitive production lead times
  • Acrylic inserts available in seven light-diffused colors

Precision-Cut Acrylic Letters
Precision machined acrylic will give your signage a distinctive, sophisticated look with crisp, precision-machined letters, producing an even diffused glow. Previously known as LUXE™, this line features seamless, precisely defined edges. Illuminated, the result is a beautifully sophisticated, diffused effect, worthy of the highest-end establishment.

  • Face, halo, and side-lit options

  • Wide array of face and side finish options

  • Now available with a ¼” minimum face-stroke

  • UL Certified, serviceable design

  • Typical 10 day production time

  • Made in the USA

  • Gemini Lifetime Guarantee

GemLite all-plastic letters

These letters represent the next generation with sharper drafts along with other enhancements. A cost-effective solution is ready for your creativity. These are a molded front and receptive backing.

  • Sharp return draft

  • Face, halo, and side-lit options available

  • Flat, low-profile design with even lighting

  • Multiple pigments, RGB LED colors, and effects

  • Hidden can for a clean appearance

  • Economical, yet sophisticated look

NEW Marquee style letters

Introducing Marquée™ style letters: Hand fabricated of stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, bronze, brass or copper using our traditional fabrication techniques.  

Marquée™ signs are LED illuminated with simulated neon through a push-thru acrylic lens or with simulated electric light bulbs. Illumination available in hundreds of colors. All architectural finishes, including powder coat are available. 

  • Minimum Letter Height: 4.0″; Minimum Letter Depth: 3″

  • Maximum letter height: 48’’ ; Maximum Letter Depth: 6’’

  • All fabricated letters are degreased to remove any dust and/or residue

  • Unused material waste is recycled. Wash water is de-ionized and re-circulated

  • Lifetime guarantee covers all manufacturing defects ONLY

  • UL Listed: In compliance with UL 48 Standards

As you can see from the examples here, there's a wide variety of kinds, colors, lighting and options that are available, all made to your order.

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