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Do you need a new (sign) face?

Posted by Joe Giral on

Here's handy information for when you're looking to order replacement sign plastic for your storm damaged and old signs, correctly, the very first time.

Some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) are:

Do you keep this in stock?
Can this ship today?
What kind of sign plastic do I have?
What kinds of sign plastics are there?
Can you add my logo to the new sign?
How much is everything with shipping included?

Do you keep this in stock?
Everything is made to order. There are so many different kinds of letters and sign faces that it is much more practical to make each custom sign face as the order comes in.

Can I get this shipped today?
We make all signs to order as our production schedule (all the people who ordered before we received your order) may be quite full. The kinds of signs that ship the soonest are our standard size v3 fiberglass signs in white with tracks for flexible (8 on 8-7/8") letters. These can usually ship within a couple of days from your order, depending on our work load.

What kind of sign plastic do I have?
The most practical way to determine this within 95% accuracy, other than paying to have us fly out and take a close look, is to send detailed photos of your existing sign whether it's broken or not. Send your photos and we'll let you know what we can make to replace the sign.

What kinds of sign plastics are there?
The most common requests we receive are for both the 'permanent sign' plastic used for signs in marquees or pole-mounted signs and for the replacement plastic for portable readerboard (also known as 'flashing arrow') signs.

Can you add my logo to the new sign?
The best reply overall is probably! We need to have two things in order to determine if we can do this for your project. Send your artwork and logo file (upload here) and photos of your sign with dimensions (the exact height of the plastic in inches and the exact width of the plastic, too). If it's easier, send us an email when you have the dimensions, the artwork and the photos.

How much is everything with shipping?
Shipping costs are determined separately from the cost of the sign faces. The factors that determine the cost include the cost of boxing or crating the sign for safe shipment and the freight or UPS cost to deliver. A rule of thumb is that signs with flexible track less than 10 feet wide may be rolled to ship by UPS, all others must be crated to ship via freight. To determine the freight, we need your full street shipping address. Send us this form to have a representative help you with freight costs.

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