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Awning Cover-Ups, Canopy/Sail Repair

Self-adhesive DuraStik™ Mask awning fabric Cover-Ups

Works on almost any woven fabric canopies, awnings, flags, clothes and sails (always test first). Costs only a fraction of what a replacement awning can cost!

Available in rolls or by the yard. Also look at the PaintMask and Banners as economical alternatives. 

Use our DuraStik™ Cover-Up Mask* to hide old wording
Our DuraStik™ awning Cover-Ups are made to easily mask over existing awning wording without repainting!

Woven self-adhesive cloth for sail and awning repair Woven self-adhesive cloth by the foot Paint mask for painting onto awnings, walls, sidewalks, boats and windows 
DuraStik Letters DuraStik CoverUps By the roll  Color by the yard  Self-adhesive paint mask 

More information here on how to use this product. News Release  Will this work on my awning? 

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