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Awning Cover-Ups, Canopy/Sail Repair

Self-adhesive DuraStik™ Mask awning fabric Cover-Ups

Works on almost any woven fabric canopies, awnings, flags, clothes and sails (always test first). 

Available in rolls or by the yard. Also look at the PaintMask and Banners as economical alternatives. 

Use our DuraStik™ Cover-Up Mask* to hide old wording

Our DuraStik™ awning Cover-Up are to mask over existing awning wording without repainting. 

DuraStik Letters

DuraStik Mask
Woven self-adhesive cloth for sail and awning repair
By the roll 
Woven self-adhesive cloth by the foot
By the yard 
Paint mask for painting onto awnings, walls, sidewalks, boats and windows
Self-adhesive paint mask 
More information here on how to use this product. News Release

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