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Awning Lettering + Cover-Ups

Not currently available. If you're interested in awning options for now, please look at the PaintMask and Banners as economical alternatives. Thank you.

Self-adhesive awning lettering

Works on many woven fabric awnings and canopies (always test first).

Use our Cover-Ups Mask* to hide old wording

Our new awning  cover-ups, Plain or with lettering, to mask existing awning wording.

 Self-adhesive woven awning and sail lettering
Self-adhesive lettering
Self-adhesive woven lettering over a cover-up mask for awnings and sails 
Self-adhesive masks
Self-adhesive woven awning full-color graphics and cover-ups 
Self-adhesive graphics
Woven self-adhesive cloth for sail and awning repair
Woven sailcloth by the roll 
Woven self-adhesive cloth by the foot
Woven sailcloth by the foot 
Paint mask for painting onto awnings, walls, sidewalks, boats and windows
Self-adhesive paint mask 
More information here on how to use this product. News Release on Awning Mask Projects

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