Channel Letters, lighted

Channel Letters, lighted

Order channel letters for your store

Channel Letters are dimensional sign letters that are lighted from inside.
The letters display on the facade or front of a building or monument. LetterBank channel letters are lit internally with LED modules which have a high effective light output and require less electricity than fluorescent, incandescent or neon. Displaying channel letters is an intelligent way to showcase your brand in front of your customers
Letters are... 

  • Made to order in your size, color and style
  • Ready-to-install: Wiring diagrams and installation pattern are included
  • Certified: UL Listed with Sign Section Labels for Outdoor Installation
  • 5 Year Warranty
    This example has white letters with a color inlay option
    Choose the kind you need:
  • Channel Letters Start From Scratch:
    Design your Channel Letters by sending your letter height, wording, style and color choices for a quote.
    Channel Letters Made from my art file: 
    Upload artwork that was designed in a vector program (Affinity Designer, Adobe Illustrator, Canvas) and saved in a simplified vector PDF, EPS or AI)
    IMPORTANT: If proposed sign location is for a lease space which is rented. Check with property owner to confirm if there is a signage criteria before manufacture. All electric signage should have signage permit from city before installing. Custom projects are not returnable

    For the "Start From Scratch" option, 
    design your own layout and send it for pricing with height, style and color of letters, we will do the rest. 
    For a price quote, include the Letter Height, Style, Color of front (plastic), color of trim and color of returns (sides). Use this form.

    For the "upload art" option,
    you can upload a file that was created as a vector in Affinity Designer, Illustrator, Canvas or other vector programs and sent as a pdf.
    Once we receive your file, we'll go over your Channel Letter specifications and send an estimate.
    Please follow these guidelines before uploading your artwork. - Vector or Outline all objects - Scale artwork to the exact dimensions of the full-size sign (or 50% overall scale of your file when exceed 200” width) - The shape of the Channel Letter should be simplified before uploading. If a Channel Letter file is too complex with many anchor points or too narrow/wide we will do our part to communicate the best solution to achieve the look you're going for.
    Save as a PDF file and upload. Use this form.

    Read about typestyle selection, what size your letters should be and more in this brief, illuminating article.

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