Concrete casting basics: Foam letters

Shown: Smooth foam (best option for most projects), beaded foam, gator foam.
Second row: Laminated foam letters (not for casting. These are for outdoor installation)

Read about concrete casting here.
Basic information: Foam letters are for single-use casting, as the letters must be dissolved out of the cast once the concrete hardens. Almost any size can be made from 2" up to 45" tall. Almost any style of letter works well, although strokes less than 1/4" (6.35mm) are not practical. Logos can be made as well. Send your project for a price quote, and provide details so we can assist you.
State the desired thickness of the letters, which come in 1/2" increments (12.7mm).
Contact us for a price quote. Minimum order is $175.00. Lead time averages one week.