Changeable banner and graphics solutions

Changeable banner and graphics solutions

I need a banner that can be changed or updated easily

What options are possible?
Our creative team has assembled a few of the most popular options for banner signs that need a changeable area, so you can get your creative juices flowing.

We can create a custom solution not listed here for your projects, as well.
These include banners of all kinds as well as hybrid creations to fit the specific need of your project by budget, features and flexibility in display options.

This information is brought to you by the GiralMedia Group which includes LetterBank, MyDIYsigns and DuraStik Awning Products.

Is there an “all hook+loop banner” made anymore?
In the past we've sold custom-made banners featuring strips of color-matched hook+loop self-adhesive materials on the face of the banner and the backs of the die-cut plastic letters. See the illustrations.

Sadly, the manufacturer decided that this was far too expensive to continue to manufacture and has completely closed shop for 2021. We sold hundreds and hundreds of sets and may still have one or two boxes of letter sets.

I have an annual (or regular) event that I want to showcase on a banner without having to order a new banner every time. What are my options?

We’re glad you asked!
Our team of creatives have pondered that same question for almost 30 years and below are some of the options that have remained popular through time.

Sectional banners with replaceable sections

This has been the most popular option for large banner investments;

The banner is divided into permanent and replaceable sections that feature the printed days/dates/times/event names. Available as a complete package and separately with buy-as-you-go options.
These are generally large street-crossing banners with a separate, changeable panel banner that attaches to the main banner.

Banners with printed removable panels

This is popular for smaller banners and for indoor/outdoor uses. The banners are printed with information that can be covered over to update using Wall-Tac (read more about Wall-Tac below)

Banners with clear pockets for inserts

This last option is one of the oldest and least used as far as sales go, the need for a clear waterproof “pocket” for changeable inserts adds a lot to the production time ad cost relative to the newest options.

Add a Wall-Tac panel as a removable information panel!

Wall Tac is a banner amendment material made of a thin, self-adhesive fabric material with a removable adhesive, made specifically for adhering to a painted wall and WORKS ON BANNERS, TOO. For indoor and temporary outdoor use. Available here or request a price quote with your banner project.

More choices!
Although not technically a banner, there are similar options for windows using static-cling vinyl in our Window Banners  and in a new translucent clear window graphic banner in addition to our tried-and-true screen (perforated vinyl) window graphics.

Here are typical ways to have a banner sign displayed:

Options for mounting and display:
: These are reinforced holes punched into a banner. This makes the banner appear inexpensive and can actually allow a banner to be pulled apart by wind when stretched incorrectly outdoors.

Stands and Displays: There are various sizes of banner stands and displays, for mounting banners with a pole sleeve top. A pole sleeve is preferable to grommets, as the banner drapes form the sleeve and is not stressed by wind or incorrectly fastened ropes.

Preferred Method: Dowels/curtain rods with pole pocket banners: This is another way to display pole-sleeve banners that may be appropriate to a more dignified/upscale appearance whrere the entire weight of the banner is spread out along the top pole.

Cross-street banners: These are rugged outdoor banners usually made to clip onto an existing cross-street cable, and featuring wind slits. Usually these require bulldog or navy clips on all corners as well as wind cuts.

Pole Banners: Designed for mounting onto light post or specialty pole posts. These have pole sleeves on the top and bottom lengths of the banner.
Why we can't call it "V-E-L-C ..."
For additional information or to request a price quote, contact GiralMedia.

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