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Business Wall Letter Selection Guide

Posted by Joe Giral on

What kinds of letters are there?
Ask about do-it-yourself installation to save money.
All you need is a masonry bit for your drill, a paper pre-drilling template, some shims and silicone cement!

  • Foundry cast letters, 
  • Flat metal cut letters.
  • Fabricated lighted and plain letters 
All are available in custom paint or metals: Aluminum, stainless steel, brass and copper finishes.

    • Heat molded letters,
    • Injection molded letters,
    • Molded lighted letters,
    • Flat cut acrylic,
    • Metal film laminated letters


    • Painted foam letters
    • Metal laminated flat-cut foams

    What's the best letter to use for my building, monument sign or inside lobby wall?

    In the past, letter materials had a lot of impact on the cost of the letters. Today with modern tech and recycling, we've been able to significantly reduce waste so many of the letters are similarly priced and warranted for life with the exception of the lighted letters.

    So when you want a specific "look", that look will determine the materials you order.
    We're available to answer your questions in basic and detailed technical specifications, just ask.

    For sharp edges in metal, any letter will work. In acrylic plastic, all but the molded lighted and heat molded letters have sharp edges.

    For internally-lighted letters, choose the fabricated metal or molded plastic lighted letters.

    For custom typestyles, choose from flat metal letters, metal film laminated plastic and flat cut acrylic.

    Working within a budget?
    While few things are less costly than painted foam letters (one style only), the flat-cut metals and acrylic plastics are unbeatable and remember that all except for foam carries a lifetime warranty.

    For painted letters, almost any of the letter choices will work, but consider the lower cost of aluminum (over the more costly brass and copper) and flat-cut plastic over molded letters.

    For special finishes, there are a number of options in metals, especially the fabricated and flat-cut metals, including mill finish, orbital sanded, painted, colored and polished.

    Looking for office wall and entrance lettering?

    The metal laminated plastics work very well, as do the metal laminated foams, and you'll see a difference in price there between the foam and plastic, especially in the thicker letters, which foam handles brilliantly.

    These are a few examples of metal laminated foam and plastic for inside wall and lobby use.

    For questions and project pricing requests, please post a reply.

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