What's the difference between Punched and Die-Cut magnetic letters?

What's the difference between Punched and Die-Cut magnetic letters?

What's the difference in magnetic letters?
I guess you can instantly separate the different magnetic letter sets into two broad categories:
Toys or Business,

economy or ready-to-use.
Toys are the small, multi-colored plastic letter kits that are available in buckets or bags at children's toy stores. You know the kind, every letter's a different color. It's a toy with an incomplete alphabet.
Business magnetic letters are the kind that are used on menu walls (see example), metal signs, cars, military and factory shelves.
Until now, this kind of magnetic letters has only been available in one or two styles and one or two sizes. The LetterBank Company has seven styles of letters.

Economy letters usually require manual separation from the raw material (the scrap parts) which requires some patience, dexterity and time. These are not ready to use.
The Ready-to-use letter sets (called Pro Die-Cut on the letterbank.com site) are individual letters, numbers and symbols, which you can use straight from the packaging. 
some Pro Die-Cut styles
So, there are actually four categories of magnetic lettering available:
Which is easiest to use?
When you order the Pro Die Cut sets, they're sent to you as ready-to-use individual letters. You do not have to spend time to take the letters off the scrap material as in punched sets.
Self-aligning printed letters
The Self-aligning printed letters are easiest for situations where you may have all kinds of help, but not much in the way of straight and lined-up letters!
Which kind costs the least?
This depends on how many you order and in which size. The larger the order, the better discount rate is earned overall.
Since not all sets are available in the same size, we'll compare the 3” size, which is available in all kinds. These are price examples and are out of date.
 For small orders (1 or 2 sets, or 200 or fewer letters), the cost per hundred letters is: 
Pro Die cut 3” $190/100 pieces ($1.90 each) 
Pro Die-Cut Condensed 3" $179.00/100pcs ($1.79 each) 
Sheeted letters 3” $37.50 per sheet of letters, 16 letters alike per sheet or $2.34/letter. 
Boxed set of 400 pieces $398.00 or $0.995 per letter

Boxed letter sets
How do I know which is best for my needs?
We can take an example from the many people that have researched this before you, and based upon their decisions, perhaps be able to determine which works best for what kind of sign.
Pro Die-Cut letters are terrific for menu walls, for poetry, refrigerators, aisle marking, outdoor metal sign panels and military base marquees, and for when you don't want to mess with having to remove letters from scrap materials.
Punched and economy letter sets are for when you don't mind cutting and separating letters from a background of scrap material, and you have enough time to save a few dollars.
Self-aligning letter cards are best for boards where it is difficult to keep the letters aligned, or where volunteers will be "helping out"
So which is the best set for your project?
Send me your questions regarding our magnetic letters, and I'll be glad to help.

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