Installing frames; basic instructions

Installing frames; basic instructions

Note: For all vehicle installations:
Use continuous weatherstripping or bead of silicone between frame and bus/truck wall to reduce the possibility of a wind gust causing an unplanned ejection of your sign insert. This is a potential liability, so be careful to seal all installations.

Install with mounting method appropriate to the type of surface you are installing onto. You may want to consult a structural engineer to determine the appropriate self-tapping screws, bolts, rivets or other mounting method.

Most installations include these steps, use them as a guideline and get professional assistance if you're not comfortable with installing the frame yourself.

  1. Alignment and placement of the frame over the area to be installed
  2. Application with silicone (securely tape frame into place while silicone cures).
  3. Check for level installation before silicone cures.
  4. Tap and drill through frame back and substrate (bus or truck skin) for best mounting practices: Rivets, self-tapping screws or bolts appropriate to the stress of the weight of the frame and insert and the G-force of road bumps. 
  5. Check frame for ease of use.


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