Carved, Woodgrain & Engraved Signs

Dimensional signs for your entrance for walls and for hanging

Attractive signs are made in one of three styles: Woodgrain, Engraved or Stepped.
(See also flat printed signs and laminated full color wayfinding signs)

Sandblasted and Dimensional Carved Signs
Woodgrain [link here] has a textured finish like the exposed grain of wood which looks very good and is quite popular. 
Engraved  [link here] has the main wording bevel-cut on a flat surface, and paint or in some cases, gold leaf is added. These are also good-looking signs.
 Stepped signs  [link here] have a flat surface, often with a raised border and raised lettering. These are the simplest of sign formats.
We use only the finest grade and density of HDU, a weather-impervious durable material, made for a long-lasting sign. For pricing, we need to custom quote this on a per-project basis.
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