Retro Signs and Low Tech Advantages!

Retro Signs and Low Tech Advantages!

Retro & Low-Tech Signs

What are "Retro" and 
"Low-Tech" Signs?

Low-tech is simply another term for "uncomplicated, older or simple technology and products". What's the advantage of low-tech signage? Generally speaking, there are few or fewer moving parts, easy to figure out, usually easy to find a replacement part if necessary and for the most part, costs much less to buy and operate than modern technology. 

Why should I get Retro + Low Tech signs?

Need a really good reason to get low-tech signs? First, take a look at the categories below to get an idea of what's out there. Look for what you need then click the link to see examples and some pricing. We quote on special projects, gladly.
Don't find what you seek? No worries; the LetterBank and MyDIYsigns sites are not complete representations of what's possible. Contact LetterBank to send a description, napkin sketch, etch-a-sketch rendering or a photo of what you want. We've got this.
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So what's available?

Click the links to see examples and pricing for these and similar products.

Low-tech roadside portable signs, lighted. Large, from 3x6 ft to 4x8 foot. Custom sizes too in the permanent marquee versions of the portables. See also replacement sign faces, letter sets, track.ReaderBoard Portable Signs

See them here.3x4 foot Roadside HUGE signs
These are not lighted but about 250% larger than standard sidewalk signs. Great simple solution for sidewalks, curbs, storefront, model showrooms and more.

Magnetic Letters Low-tech die-cut magnetized vinyl letters for menu boards, magnetic dry-erase boards, magnetic wall menus and factory shelf markings. Huge sizes too, in 10", 18" and 22" sizes.
Also: Printed characters on white or yellow backgrounds.
Custom stuff, too.

Sign Frames for Vehicles

Snap-open finger-lift frames are made for vehicles like buses, trucks, trolleys and airport cruisers. Available fast in silver, black or white, and in a little bit longer in over 20 colors of frames
These are made for outdoors and rugged installations, so check these out. What size? Yeah, we make it in whatever size you need. Order several at once for quantity price breaks. Standard wall mount frames, too.

Reflective Letters

This is as low-tech as it gets. Reflective signs have been around commercially since the 1960s or so. Here are a few of the optionsCar magnets (reflective!), highway signs (Stop, Bike path, Speed limit) and much more.

Custom reflective bus stop and street signs.

Window Graphics

Printed, separate self-adhesive letters, ready to apply in any printed color and design. Want us to create your original layout as well for a separate fee? We can do that: Contact us 
LEDs too. Yeah, they're not low tech

Window Lit Signs

Low-tech: Plug it in, hang it up. No programming, no "WTH just happened" and fairly simple. Easy to figure out and under $199.

Window Static Cling Removable Signage

More low tech, easy to understand signage. How does static cling stick? It sticks by static cling. So they are easy-off with no adhesive residue. Apply to clean windows on a calm, sunny day.

A-Frame and Curb Sign Frames

24x24" Simpo signs5-pack of metal sign frames3x4 foot swinging sign an many more kinds are available at LetterBank | MyDIYsigns. 

Floor Decals

Self-adhesive thick textured vinyl with a non-slip finish. Perfect for month-long campaigns when you need to catch more eyes. From 12x12" to 36x36" in full color!

Made specifically for clean concrete or asphalt application. Made up to 4 feet tall by up to 150 feet long.




Sidewalk/Concrete Decals

Made from your artwork. Designed to handle heavy foot traffic on concrete sidewalks, walls or asphalt.

Screen Printed Plastic Signs

Popular sizes, printed in 1-color, 2-color and full color printing.
Perfect for campaigns up to 8 months.
Available printed on styrene, pvc and alumalite (enameled aluminum over plastic core).

Dimensional and free-standing foam letters. Plain or painted for temporary floats, displays, promotions, exhibits and what else can you think of? Up to 46" tall (almost four feet!) Foam Letters (Large for Shows + Exhibits)

Small Reusable Letters for 
Casting Concrete + Pavers

Custom-cut letters for whatever project you need, available in sizes as small as 2" height. Also used for casting concrete monuments, pavers and headstones, bridge trestles and more. How can you use these today?


Banners + Banner Stands

For more information and to contact LetterBank | MyDIYsigns go here.
Tell us what you need on the general contact form. Size, color, quantity, everything! LetterBank will get back in touch with you shortly.

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