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SALE Car + Truck Reflective Magnetic Signs

SALE Car + Truck Reflective Magnetic Signs

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LetterBank and MyDIYsigns make eye-catching REFLECTIVE Nighttime Magnetic Sheet Signs in any size and color for use Day and Night! Easy to remove, clean and position, sticks magically to any steel car panel.

Send your artwork or layout with the link below. Add the LetterBank flair to your business image with easy-to-use magnetized vinyl signs. The removable sign turns your company car into the family sedan when the sign comes off.

Long-lasting, fade- and waterproof, these signs add to your versatility and visibility anywhere you drive and park! Good for tailgates, too.

Prices shown are per pair (for two signs alike, one for each side of your car or truck) from qualifying electronic art.

Send in your order  Send art file:
If your art is usable as received, there is no setup charge ($50 minimum wording, $99 minimum full color/photographic). We will advise you once we review your file.
IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ART, WE WILL LAY OUT YOUR WORDING AS WE SEE FIT, UP TO 50 CHARACTERS. Over 50 characters, add 0.25 per character. Additional changes are $20 per change.
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