Awning Lettering FAQs

Awning Lettering FAQs

FAQs about Awning Lettering and Coverup DuraStik Awning Panels by LetterBank

Will DuraStik work on my awning/canopy/sail/tent/project?

Order a small random sample piece to test

Can you match the awning fabric color? (If not, what are my options?)
Awning manufactures have created many, many different colors, while DuraStick comes in five basic and four premium colors. We can use a contrasting panel color to create a whole new and attractive look.

I am looking to cover up what’s there now and put my business name over the current lettering.
We can do this (first, test the awning or project application for silicone by ordering a small random sample piece to test)
We will need the overall project details (size (height and width), wording, typestyle, colors and art, if any.

Do you have fonts that I choose from?
We have many options for your project. For $59 we can set up a complete vector file, ready to cut. Or you can order a specific typestyle (measured by capital height) with one free proof, any change requires a $20 new art charge which includes a new proof.

Is there a size limit?
We can make sizes up to 52" in height and no limit to length, although we will provide the project art in easy-to-apply sections.

What's the easiest to use?
Lettering on a panel applies all in one piece and is the easiest to apply, while individual letters may be the most challenging for a novice to apply.

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