Bus Advertising Signs, inside and outside of buses and on bus stops

Bus Advertising Signs, inside and outside of buses and on bus stops

Bus Advertising Signs

There are three categories of sign types listed here.
Look up which one most closely resembles what you seek or contact us for an estimate for your bus signs printing project

[1] Rigid Metal Signs
Popular for bus stop pole signs, these are usually printed on a coated reflective substrate like aluminum or alumicore (aluminum over a plastic core sandwich). Reflective finishes for nighttime illumination from headlights, is available in three grades ranging from Engineer to High Intensity and Diamond grades, with Diamond [DG] being the most reflective and Engineer being the least reflective.
3M has a short video on the differences in reflective film on
highway signs.

[2] Printed Metal and plastic substrates for temporary exterior bus signage
These are screenprinted and digitally printed signs available in small quantities (as few as one print) which generally are used in the snap-open frames mounted to the sides of buses and mounted on bus stop waiting areas for information and ads. The rigid signs may have holes placed for mounting without a frame as well. There are also applications for the slide-in frames that were popular 30-40 years ago and may still be in service. See our article on the pros and cons of self-adhesive signs versus sign frames here. See more on sign frames here.

[3] Signs made on self-adhesive vinyls for direct bus side application
Popular for many styles of buses where a frame is not desirable or possible, the self-adhesive printed materials are very popular. Request the cost for one or more printed self-adhesive films here.
The films generally require accurate first-time application on a clean surface with some help and should not be installed if it's windy, as contaminants, leaves, dirt or other material can get trapped on the adhesive and it's not easy to clean once the adhesive is exposed. Unlike sign frames, the material has to be applied skillfully the first time. Here's a link to get a price quote or estimate

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