Director's chair and Actor's chair names

Director's chair and Actor's chair names

Director's Chair Graphics

So you want to put the name of the production, actor or director on a woven chair back? What's available that will stick to woven fabric chairs?

Well, paint is messy and only as attractive as the skill of the painter.

So how about the awning lettering? The LetterBank AwnGrip self-adhesive fabrics?
Yes, that works very nicely. The name or names are already pre-spaced and ready to apply. 

example of letteringTest it first (custom orders are not returnable, so you want to make sure it's going to stick!) Order a small random sample piece to stick on the fabric.

Once you've tested it, order the lettering you want right here. The adhesive sets up completely after three days in nominal temperatures (60° and higher), and is hand-washable at that point, if it should get dirty by accident. Perfect for stage, screen, theatre and as props, it's an inexpensive solution. Full color graphics are available as well, as in this example. Ask for a price quote for your project today.

Bonus- Send us your project photos, since this is new and we don't have many to work with.

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