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PaintMask Lettering for awnings, self-adhesive (price request)

PaintMask Lettering for awnings, self-adhesive (price request)

  • $ 2.90

Best place to start is to send your file or project for a price quote: Enter wording, typestyle and price quote request here.

1. Choose the letter size (height)
2. Count the total letters and enter total under "Quantity" below
3. We will ask for your exact wording once we go to enter your order

You are ordering a self-adhesive vinyl paint mask with pre-spaced lettering made for painting wording over walls, fabrics and solid flat substrates. Price shown is your cost per letter with a $99.00 minimum order per mask.

SEE TYPESTYLES HERE or send a vector or pdf file for a quote. Always test for adhesion before ordering. You can use your own bumper sticker, decal or label to see if it will stick. If it sticks, this product should work. Caveats The customer is responsible for the correct ordering of the product best suited to their project otherwise should get the assistance of a person knowledgeable in awning fabrics and paints before placing the order. 

If you have a limited "must-fit" area, reply with that exact measurement (to the order confirmation email you will receive), absent which you agree to accept the final size made.
Dimensions are nominal. Due to the differences in type styles, we do our best to make the size ordered. When a maximum space is indicated, we will shrink or condense (or both) the lettering to fit.

Minimum order is $99.00. Enter wording, typestyle and price quote request here.

TO ORDER IN A CUSTOM LAYOUT Use this link to request or confirm pricing Tell us the font, color(s) and size(s) or use the send file button to send art or logo review and pricing:   Use and application of this product and the suitability of the awning or substrate to which it is applied are outside of our control, and so this product is sold without any warranty as to suitability.

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