Becoming a meme?

Becoming a meme?

How hard could it be to make your own social media video?

Smiling. I can see it clearly. You take out your smartphone, GoPro or DSLR, aim it at yourself and all of a sudden you're an internet influencer, right? Or a meme, if you come out looking like someone who doesn't know what they're doing.

Don't become a meme.

As exciting as it may appear to be an internet sensation, don't. Unless you want to star as someone who absolutely doesn't know what s/he is doing, you really don't want to become a meme on some Look-At-This-Complete-Jackass site.


So, how to be a non meme-ish straight-shooter.

Or, how to shoot a short social media video that people will like and hopefully share.

Let's look at why 
people post social videos.


For the sake of simplicity, I have divided these into two types.


The first kind of posting is personal.

You've come across some flowers, puppies, a sunset, a small child playing or an interesting scene and want to share this with friends. Shoot 'em up, post them on your social media and there you go. Aw, you've gotten "likes" from a few friends. Cool.

The second kind is self-promotion.



You have a product, service or idea that you want to capture but you don't quite know how to make it look appealing. Worse yet, you're not clear about what you want people to do after they watch this.


That's where we can help. 

A lot.

We work backwards (try it sometime!) by helping you to determine what you want people to get from the video. Is it more 'likes", branding or product recognition, do you want to sell a product or service? Is this a demonstration video on how to use the product/service?

What's the expectation from creating one or more videos?

Do you want to make a sale, demonstrate and engage an audience or is it something else? 


This information must be determined prior to shooting for an optimal use of your time and ours. We can help you with this part, because we sit and evaluate the best options specific to your desired results.


How we work 

with you: 

We can meet with you to carefully determine a number of the factors listed as well as other criterion ahead of time. Who's your target audience? What would you like them to do after watching the video (share, buy, find out more?). What kind of budget are you setting aside for this?

Is your short video a one-off (a single video with a "let's see what happens" effort) or part of a plan that comprehensively aims to achieve a set of objectives, like generating more customers, creating a product buzz, clearly documenting boundaries and views, staying on the customer radar for a future purchase, influencing, driving specific sales, posting a how-to or something else?


Is your subject or topic a simple, easy-to-explain or demonstrate product? If so, you can create a series of short shoots for social media that showcase the product, happy people using it or satisfied customer endorsements.


Is your project or promotion more difficult with several layers, aspects, benefits or too much information to fit on one mind-numbing long video?

Split it up. We'll work with you to determine the selling points so that each may be made into a separate but unified approach to marketing yourself.


Um, this sounds difficult.

It can be hard to do something that you have little interest or skills at creating. We can help by holding your hand through step-by-step methods to get to your goal: More sales, more eyeballs, more orders, greater visibility. Whatever you may have to offer, we can help to make it more compelling to do.


I have a camera on my phone. 

Why do I need you guys?

You don't need us to post selfies or do a live stream from Cancun. 

Unless you're serious about doing something constructive and increasing the profitability of whatever it is you do, sell or offer to your customer base. 


You need us to craft a cohesive marketing vision using you, your staff, your customers in testimonials, all with your tag line and a high degree of consistency and purpose to move you ahead and in front of whatever distractions there may be. 


This is life right now. 

Shoot it.



Business is meant to be rewarding.

You don't have to be good at every facet of running a business.

We can help you to go towards the next level of success by coordinating with you and ouur team strengths.

Together we can be much more successful than individually.



“Within all of us is a varying amount of space lint and star dust, the residue from our creation. Most are too busy to notice it, and it is stronger in some than others. It is strongest in those of us who fly and is responsible for an unconscious, subtle desire to slip into some wings and try for the elusive boundaries of our origin.”

– K.O. Eckland 



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