Casting Letters for Concrete Pavers + Walls

Casting Letters for Concrete Pavers + Walls

Concrete casting basics


First we'll cover what concrete casting is in the most basic terms,
then we're going to look at how you can cast concrete with your custom mold.

What exactly is concrete casting?

Concrete casting is a process which involves creating or using a mold or form to contain and shape freshly mixed concrete.
Once the form is ready and the concrete mixed, the concrete mixture is poured into the form and left to cure in a controlled environment. After the concrete 'sets', it may be transported to the construction or final site and lifted into place, or if cast in place, the form is removed, leaving the cast piece for any additional finishing detail.

Larger forms are commonly cast "in place" where they will be ultimately be set permanently as they would become to unwieldy, heavy or fragile to move.

If the form is for popular concrete pavers, there are several options available.

For casting forms, contractors and crafters usually use single-use foam letters which are custom made for the project. If multiple copies will be made, ordering enough copies of the foam or ordering reusable metal or plastic letters (which cost a lot more than foam but are designed to be used over and over) may be the best bet.

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What's the advantage of using foam letters?

Foam letters are relatively inexpensive when compared to reusable special metal or plastic letters. The foam letters are typically spot glued in place easily and "cast" into the concrete. That means that the smooth concrete is carefully poured into the custom form with the letters already glued inside. 'Tamping' and agitating the concrete helps to assure that the amount of air bubbles from the por are minimized.
The letters must subsequently be dissolved out with a solvent (orange-based solvents are recommended) after the concrete sets.

What is the advantage of reusable letters?

As the name implies, reusable letters can be set into a form and used repeatedly.

Can we 'spec' our own typestyle?

You can have a custom special plastic made with all the details of your graphics line art in almost any size up to 48" wide. This allows for very large permanent monument displays which can be painted for extra impact.

So once I have determined the best materials for casting, what is the casting process?

    1. Decide on the size of the layout and create a rough sketch. This is the time to measure out the area where the final product or resulting cast forms will be placed. Concrete can be heavy and have sharp corners, so measure it out first.
    2. To your layout, add any text or ornamentation you like. Mold letters may be found for purchase online or through Professionals use reverse cast metal letters, and often the newest cast plastic letters, which are a little less costly.
    3. Measure the text size and create or order letters. Remember, the letters will be indented into the finished concrete, and so must be reversed to read correctly.
    4. Place and secure the letters and shapes to your form, or place and pour a wet solution of concrete over the letters. Avoid rocks and very coarse gravel, as this will cause pockets or gaps in the finished product.
    5. Once the concrete sets (usually overnight at least), remove the letterforms carefully. Allow the concrete to cure for an additional 5-7 days before placing in the desired location.
Made with custom mold for multiple uses
  1. Be creative! Concrete is fairly inexpensive and will last a long time.
As CAB plastic letters remain a little flexible, they can be pulled away from the set concrete by moving them around a little by pulling on the edges. As metal letters are relatively inflexible, we make them with a 7° draft (slightly sloping sides) to allow them to pull away from the set concrete.
Special plastic reusable letters shown
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Economy foam letters are here.
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  • Richard Baldwin said:

    Looking for reusable 2” letters . I will be casting headstones and place markers for pets . I want recessed letters Approximately 3/16” – 1/4” in depth. Will need two sets . Looking for pricing . I would appreciate some info . Thank you

    March 03, 2021

  • Rollin C. said:

    How much would it cost for a 4′×6′ concrete casting/ Please have someone call me

    February 19, 2020

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