Awning Lettering: Panel or individual letters?

Awning Lettering: Panel or individual letters?

What is awning lettering?

Also below: What's better? Which costs less? Which is easiest to apply myself?

Let's start with "what is awning lettering"?

Awning lettering can be your business name, your own name, your business product or services in lettering, for application onto your awning* as a decoration, and as information so your customers can find you.
*Always test first. AwnGrip lettering also works on a variety of woven and smooth surfaces: Walls, canopies, tents, sports uniforms, flags, banners, certain plastics and vinyls and more. Try it out for your next project and share it with us!

What's better, an awning panel or individual letters?

AwnGrip letters are individually cut letters with no background. As the adhesive is extremely strong, each pre-aligned letter must be carefully peeled away from the backing so that the sentence or word stays on the application mask. This makes it more difficult to apply that a panel, which is a background color with a contrasting color of lettering. A panel with your wording on it, applies all in one piece, so once you start to pull off the backing that covers the adhesive side, it all comes off in one piece, and applies in one piece.

What's easier to apply or applies more quickly?

Since the panels apply in one piece, definitely the panels are easiest to apply more quickly over applying individual letters. However, a panel requires some careful and additional planning, as larger panels may be best handled by two people and care must be taken to apply the panel straight. 

Which costs less to buy?

The less material, the lower the cost, so the individual letters cost less to buy but may take more time to install. The panels may cost more to purchase but take much less time to install. The lower purchase cost might cost more in time and labor to install, if you're planning on paying for local sign shop help in installing the lettering.

Can I have a logo made in AwnGrip for my awning or project?

This may be possible. Send your logo file for a fast and friendly review.
Let us know: The overall size of the logo to be reproduced,
the background color (if it will go on a panel), and any other relevant information.

If you have a vector file like this one, send it for a more accurate price quote.

Do you have any questions or ideas?

We're here for you with more than 30 years in the sign industry, and perhaps a solution to a problem that you may not have thought of!

How do I get started with my project or idea?

Here's the easy part. We have experience in design, layout, marketing and product solutions. Contact us with your photos, project outline and a rough budget, and we will reply with ideas and what's possible to meet your project goals.


Walk me through it?

Sure! For the visual learners among us, myself included, here's what the customer sent us, and here's the design that finally went onto their canopy!
#1 Art mockup or sketch

#2 Measurements of canopy

#3 Ordered project proof

Write us with any questions!

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