Basic money-savings on Signs for Construction Sites + Residential Development

Basic money-savings on Signs for Construction Sites + Residential Development

You've seen them, the signs on "coming soon" construction at residential developments for new housing construction and construction sites of all kinds. 

These signs are expensive and costly to ship. The signs start at around $400 and up (national average) for a 4x8 foot sign and ship for a lot of money. Even if you have a local sign shop nearby, they've had to pay to have the wood backing shipped to them, so you're paying for that in the end through the cost of your signs.

Well, unless you're in a large metropolitan area, the signs have to be designed and shipped at great expense from your printer or sign company to your site.

Not any more.
Using your own particle board, subflooring or plywood, you can order your choice of professional looking graphics to ship inexpensively and attach to the face (the front) of your wooden backing. It doesn't matter if the wood has holes in it or if it's less than perfect; it's going to be covered over with our construction site flexible prints. The prints can be in a reinforced vinyl (staple or tack to the boards) or in self-adhesive, waterproof material- you just stick it to the boards. More on this in a moment.

If you don't have a designer, no worries. Our company also has a full art design unit which designs effective signs and architectural renderings for prices from $98 and up. An average custom layout which you can use on all your signs averages $225.

How do I get started?
You'll need to send us some basic informations, such as

  • How far away your sign needs to be seen
  • What is the best overall size for your project

Sign projects can take weeks locally or can be ready in a few days at LetterBank | MyDIYsigns, so take your pick.

Send us the size of the sign (height and width per separate sign),
also send your artwork or if requesting a price quote on custom layout and artwork, send us a rough idea of what it is supposed to look like or send a similar image to what you want to have your signs look like. 

Send art 

If your art is useable as received, there is no setup charge We will advise you once we review your file.

Most signs can be ready to ship within three days following approval of artwork proof. Most projects are UPS or FedEx shippable if you're on a deadline.

Materials: Ask for self-adhesive or reinforced vinyl. Either product has a superior outdoor life and rolls or folds for less expensive shipping. 

Ready to request a price quote for your project? We're here to help!
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