Where can I order sign frames for the outside signs on buses?

Where can I order sign frames for the outside signs on buses?

Sign frames are made in almost any size as well as the bus advertising standard sizes. Sign frames allow almost anyone from Manager to the latest hire to easily change the advertising sign panels. 
Simple: Snap open the frame, remove the rigid sign insert, replace with the new sign insert and snap the frame closed. 
No tools needed* and as implied earlier, even a manager can do this.
*A special tool is required for opening our special security frames. Find out more by contacting us for more information and a price quote.

What are other advantages of using frames over self-stick graphics?

How are snap-open frames ordered?
Most common order is by the size of the insert. That is, once you have panels printed (as example, a 72" wide by 24" tall panel), you go online to order a 72x24" frame. When we receive your order, we adjust the size of the frame by roughly 1.75" to make a frame designed to take the exact size insert you have.

Are there other kinds of frames that allow you to 'drop in' sign panels?
There are, and the "slide-in wall frames" are commonly used for fire trucks and trolleys. Only the snap-open frames are rated for use at over 30mph [48kph] and may not be a secure as a snap-open frame which puts pressure on all four sides of a sign panel.

I haven't ordered frames before, can I get help?
The staff at LetterBank and MyDIYsigns can help, that's why we're here. Simply contact us using the form here or email us with your project details for more information and help. 

Sign frames for bus sides in any size

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