Guide on how to replace a broken readerboard portable sign face right the first time!

Guide on how to replace a broken readerboard portable sign face right the first time!

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to order replacement sign plastic faces for your portable readerboard roadside sign:

Step 1: Determine the specifications of your existing sign plastic face

Take a close look at your existing sign plastic “face” to determine what kind it is. Write down the dimensions (width and height), shape if it is not rectangular, color, and any other relevant details that you will need to provide when ordering the 

For example, the two basic kinds are flat face or wavy face. It's important to accurately measure the size of the plastic face to ensure that the replacement fits perfectly.

Step 2: If the sign face has track:

Your existing letters are likely either flexible (one credit card thickness or less) or rigid (2-3 credit cards thick). Determine which one you have.

Step 3: Measure the letter height.

There are two dimensions we need, [a] the height of the plastic and [b] the height of the printed letter. An exact thickness from Step 2 and exact height from this step, are both needed. This is not necessary if you are ordering brand new letter sets.

Step 4: Request a quote or place an order.

Request a quote from LetterBank / MyDIYsigns for the replacement sign plastic face, including the cost of the plastic face, any customization options, and boxing and shipping fees. Once you are ready, place an order. Be sure to provide them with accurate contact information and shipping address for smooth delivery.

To save time, here are the most popular sizes for the flexible letter sign faces with 8” letters.

40” tall x 72” 40” tall x 96” 48” tall x 96”

If your sign plastic face is flat (not wavy), this kind is not longer made for portable readerboard signs since 2009, so you will need to order the wavy sign faces with an adaptor to hold the new faces on your sign. Look here.

Step 5: Get ready to place your order.
If you have any questions as whether the order is the right one for you, send clear, daytime photos of your existing sign.

You can send the photos with your contact information here and LetterBank will reply, usually within an hour or two during the work day.

Step 6: Place the order and pay securely online

Once you have reviewed the order and had your questions answered, follow the online payment instructions and provide the necessary details.

Step 7: Production and shipping

After receiving your order, LetterBank will proceed with producing the replacement sign plastic face according to your specifications. Once the production is complete, the replacement sign plastic face will be shipped to the address you provided. Shipping sign faces with track for rigid letters must be shipped via freight for an extra boxing and freight cost, determined by the freight courier and your address.

Step 8: Install the replacement sign plastic face

Once you receive the replacement sign plastic faces, carefully inspect them to ensure that they meets your expectations. Follow the  instructions for installation, which may include removing the old plastic face, attaching the replacement face securely to your portable readerboard sign, and any other necessary steps.

Congratulations! You have successfully ordered and installed a replacement sign plastic face for your portable readerboard roadside sign. Remember to keep the LetterBank contact information handy for future replacement needs or inquiries.

Optional Step: Leave us a review, we always appreciate constructive feedback that may help our other customers!

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