Entrance Signs and Floor Mats with Graphics and Logos

Entrance Signs and Floor Mats with Graphics and Logos

*for people who look down when entering a business (87% of people do!)

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Floor Graphics
Let's go over where most people step so you can put your best foot forward in this brief article. Considering LetterBank designs and prints signs for floors and entrances, let's focus on the place where most people step!

Walking with one's eyes on the ground or glancing down is a natural and proven way to avoid tripping or stepping on something. Advertising has jumped on this previously untapped area because of the new adhesives, codes, and attractiveness.

The floor graphics are perfect for department stores, supermarkets, hardware stores, libraries, schools, colleges, TSA checkpoints, government and federal institutions.

Some of the most eye-catching options are
Sidewalk Decals for asphalt & concrete
Floor Decals for smooth vinyl & sealed floors
Stencils for paint
PaintMask single-use adhesive spray masks

Newest to LetterBank is Logo Mats

The newest, most durable addition is printed Logo Mats in a wide range of colors.
The mats can be useful for reducing your liability due to slippery floors indoors.
Logo Mats can be used to confirm the business entrance at entrance ways and enhance its attractiveness with business logos and colors.

The mats are durable, have a rubberized backing to ensure maximum grip, can be cleaned and re-used, can be positioned where they will provide the best results, and can be customized to fit your needs. Custom colors, shapes, and sizes are available.

Logo mats are great for entrances, customer waiting and queuing areas, checkouts, turnstiles, hallways, and many other applications requiring extra durability, comfort, and grip.

The production process for individual mat pieces takes about a week. We will be happy to provide a free quote for your upcoming project if you send us the logo and your size requirements, intended use (inside or outside), and quantity required (there is no minimum order).

Contact us for a quote for your project.

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