Where can I get a new plastic sign face for my sign?

Where can I get a new plastic sign face for my sign?

If you have an outside lighted sign, LetterBank makes replacement sign plastic in almost any size. Easy.

The experts at LetterBank can help you best when you have the following information ready. See where to send your request below.

To start:
You will need a current photo of your sign. If there's no plastic remaining on the sign, show photos of the inside and outside of the sign so we may be able to tell who made it, and what kind of plastic it uses. Send photos either way.

Second task: Get the exact measurements. If the sign is too high to measure, the photos will help, but otherwise, even a few inches can make a lot of difference in price, so get accurate measurements of the width (side to side) and the height (top to bottom) of the sign cabinet, which is the part that the plastic goes on.

 Finally, if the sign has or had plastic changeable letters panels and tracks, we will need the exact height of the letter panel (the clear part) and the letter (the printed part), also the thickness of the letter panel (it will be roughly one, two or three credit cards thick).

If the sign plastic is wavy or corrugated, the photos will help us to identify it for you. There are many requests weekly for old style "StaTuf" panels and OSA corrugated flat panels, neither of which is made anymore, but there are options for replacing those as well. 

Here are some of the most common kinds of plastic sign faces.

Refer to these terms when requesting the cost for your new sign.

From left to right:
Marquee, Pan-formed (P), graphic flat, and the last two are V3 FiberGlass

Below are several kinds of Marquee Signs. Note the different orientations.
From left to right: HEADER, HEADER + LOGO and LOW PROFILE

These can be ordered with clear doors over the changeable letter panels.

Below is an example of Sta-Tuf (no longer made). 

Some similar options are possible for replacement of old Sta-Tuf faces.

Replacement Sign Faces make old signs look new again.

You can choose from flat, pan-formed sign faces, or pan and embossed sign replacements. Each of these styles has its own benefits that you should consider when making the decision. The flat sign option is the most cost-effective of the replacement faces. The pan-molded style sign is better if you want a more professional appearance because they have a higher-quality finish. The pan and embossed style is more expensive because it requires more labor to produce and has the highest quality finish.

Contact us with your project details today.
Be sure to send photos, dimensions (height, width, and depth of sign) and the details for the new, replacement sign.

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