Flashing Arrow Portable Sign Parts make your sign look new again

Flashing Arrow Portable Sign Parts make your sign look new again



What a difference!
Whether you're looking for the discontinued flat, fluted polycarbonate or the wavy sign faces in fiberglass, the portable arrow signs and economy sign faces are still very popular and in demand. You can extend the life of your sign life by replacing some of the worn-out parts.  

Wavy, ridged plastic sign faces are made of GlasSteel Fiberglass and replace the flat, fluted Polycarbonate faces from the old Outdoor Signs America (OSA) signs which are no longer available.

Letter Sets:
Most arrow sign portables use 0.025" flex/pvc or 0.030" flex acrylic letters. The biggest difference in letter sets is that the flex/pvc costs a little less, the flex/acrylic lasts a little longer!


Sign Fiberglass Faces:

The fiberglass sign faces are made in different sizes to fit your existing sign. Take a look to find the size you need. If your sign has (or had) a flat face, this was likely an OSA sign which is no longer made. We sell replacement sign face plastic in the fiberglass wavy v3 with an OSA adaptor kit so that your old OSA sign can have a new lease on life (new sign faces)!

Rivets, track and panels for the complete hobbyist:
For those who are looking for parts and pieces, we've got just the thing for you.

Fiberglass panels (each is 48" x 48" square), flex track, flex letters (above)
Pronto rigid track, Pronto letters for rigid track, Pronto nylon rivets.



Or consider a whole new sign:
Prices are going up and this is a good time to introduce a longer-lasting all-new Aluminum Frame Sign in popular colors. Not a whole lot more to get something that's going to look good for years down the road.


Don't find what you need?

Check out our other articles, our website and contact us for more information. Let us know exactly what you need to make your old sign look new again.

We've been here a LONG time.


  • Thomas Miller said:

    Have a arrow board. I need the clear arrow covers for the board. That protects the bulb.

    February 23, 2024

  • Gina brodeur said:

    Looking for 40 by 96 back and letters plz

    May 21, 2023

  • Mike said:

    Do you carry 5in round lite lenses for signs in amber or white

    December 07, 2022

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