Replacement sign plastic ("Sign Faces"). Know your options.

Replacement sign plastic ("Sign Faces"). Know your options.

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Quick start:

If you need an entire new sign, just ask.

What you will need to get an accurate replacement cost for your sign. 

  1. Phone/camera
  2. Measuring tape and one able assistant.

This image shows a pan-formed sign face with paint and embossed letters.

If your existing sign is damaged by accident or partially destroyed by the weather, missing pieces, broken or faded or simply needs one or two new sign faces, you're in the right place.

Send us a photo of the existing sign: Send a wide shot preferably with the sun behind you, and a detail shot so we can see the edge of the sign face and part of the frame. Also include the exact dimensions of the sign face for an accurate price quote.

Types of sign faces:
This is the v3 fiberglass.
Wavy V3 fiberglass sign faces for portable signs are available in white and yellow. Track is typically on the sign faces for the standard 8" printed flexible letter panels, but is also available with track for 6" letters.
V3 faces without track come as separate panels (4x4 foot tall or 4x5 foot tall) as the track holds these panels together. Panels up to 4x10 feet long may ship rolled by ground courier. 

This is like our planked/v3 acrysteel

Other V3 or V5 in acrysteel or pan-formed polycarbonate can be created and is much stronger and more costly than the entry-level and popular fiberglass but has significant advantages in expected life of the sign. For pricing, ask for a quote with a photo and dimensions.

This shows a full replacement cover with molded top, letter area with clear security cover and logo area.
Pan formed plastic faces are available clear or white, or with custom graphics and logo printed on it. Printed and embossed sign faces are somewhat more costly than plain signs. For a price quote send a clear photo and dimensions.

Finally there are treated fabric sign faces which require a special tension mount sign frame. We do not cover this type here as generally the sign faces outlast the sign cabinet. If you want to price changing out the sign to a new or updated logo, send us the information.

Pan-formed flat faces on lighted sign cabinets, ready for your lettering or made to order with your graphics and wording.
Your comments and insights, personal experiences and questions are welcome here.

Sign cabinets complete and ready to install are also available.

Send your requirements and dimensions for a fast sign quote for your project.


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