permanent replacement sign face with v5 ridges and track for pronto changable letters

Replace Your Store's Plastic Sign Faces Yourself

What are the different kinds of Replacement Sign Faces?

Read about "How to install" below.
Sign faces are the plastic or fiberglass sign panels that usually have track and letters for a changeable or permanent message board. Some may have graphics or photos as well. The sign faces can be replaced by almost anyone with simple tools, a ladder and average aptitude or skills (and sometimes a 'cherry picker' truck for hard-to-access locations)

Is there anything I need to know before replacing a worn or broken sign face by myself? Can I do this myself?
We're glad to help you step-by-step. Here are the things we need to know to help you find a good replacement (and how to do it further below):

[1] Identify the kind of sign face and sign cabinet you have (read on),
[2] measure the height and width of the sign and

[3] Send photos! (a detail closeup of the sign face corner, a medium and a photo that shows the entire 'face' on the sign).

What kind is my sign face?
Send detailed photos for quick identification if you're not sure which sign face you have to replace.

Above: v3 fiberglass (L) and flat-face molded polycarbonate (R) or acrylic faces.
Not shown: Sta-Tuf ridged sign faces and OSA polycarbonate faces, no longer made.

Which is the kind of sign face I need to replace?
There are a few popular kinds:
For portable signs:
This is the kind you see by the side of the road on stands, some with an arrow on top. There is no permanent structure adjacent to the sign.


(V3 shown above right) can use the v3 fiberglass as well, with an adaptor. (Note: OSA-series signs require a separate adaptor to use with the v3 fiberglass faces. The flat fluted faces [photo at right] are no longer commercially available).







Permanent signs?
These often have rigid sign faces that are flat, pan formed or wavy and are made of acrylic or polycarbonate plastics. At left is a v5 'planked' face with track. The green top sign is a custom combination with a flat tracked bottom and pan formed top.

Some store front signs have painted or decorated flat plastic sign faces. Just send us a photo, a ready to print file, the exact size you need and how many alike if more than one.
It's that simple. We make 'em.

What sizes are available?
Popular sizes on portable signs with fiberglass faces are 48x96", 40x96", 40x72". See them here. In the flat faces commonly seen on permanently mounted signs, popular size is 48x96" see it here. Almost any custom size is available.
Custom sizes are available by special quote.

Above: Before and after with new LetterBank v3 Fiberglass Faces
Permanent signs can be almost any size from 6 feet to 120 feet wide. Let us know what you need.

Have questions?

We're glad to help. Contact us now with your photos and plans.

HOW to replace your sign face yourself?
Most common signs have a formed steel sign cabinet that have screws for removal on one side. More upscale sign cabinets may have snap-open frames which pull open to allow an easy exchange from old to new. Send us a photo and we'll help to identify your sign.

Parts + Tools needed to make your own sign faces:
Sign face material, plastic made of fiberglass, acrylic and polycarbonate.
Track (flexible track for flex letters and rigid track for rigid inflexible letters).
Letter sets, storage/sorting letter cabinets and more options.
Rivet gun or acrylic cement, rivets.
Ruler, tape measure, patience! Watch for our guide coming soon!

Need a cover-up until your new sign is ready?
Easy peasy.We can make a special banner that fits over your lighted or regular sign until your replacement is ready. Order an opaque vinyl banner and tie it to the frame on all sides. Sign up for many time and money-saving tips at

See one of our replacement sign face collections here

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