Site Signs: Make your own, fast and professionally

Site Signs: Make your own, fast and professionally

How to make your own Professional Site Signs FAST.

A Basic Guide
LetterBank | MyDIYsigns has been working for almost 30 years with contractors, government agencies and hundreds of companies to come up with a way to make site signs quickly that look...

  1. Professional
  2. Colorful
  3. Long-lasting

...without the very expensive shipping and freight company costs.
Now we can tell you our secret!

You probably have easy access to a lumber yard or hardware store for 4x8 sheets

(3/8" to 3/4" plywood recommended, any grade) and we print on some of the best full-color printers for colorful, long-lasting prints.

You only have to set up the display board on posts

where your sign will go, and we make colorful banners or self-adhesive prints you roll out and stick or tack to your boards (front side or both sides). The self-adhesive stickers (or banners) are water-proof, full-color and fade-resistant for up to 2 to 5 years!

You pay only around $20 for shipping and save on the cost of delivering heavy rigid boards that can cost more than a couple of hundred dollars to ship with crating.

Stop paying extra for heavy and large-item shipping.

Get your board or boards locally. Set them up and in a couple of days, we'll deliver your ready-to-install prints. It's that simple.

Let us create the graphic prints and you send your design to for a fast estimate.

Don't have a design?* We can help.
Send your business website or business card and we can create something easy to read and colorful starting at about $94.95 for setup. Just ask!

Check out  3x8 banners here and  4x8 vinyl stickers here.

Send art 

*If your art is usable as received, there is no setup charge ($50 minimum wording, $99 minimum full color/photographic). We will advise you once we review your file.


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