GripAwn Awning Cover-Ups

Don't Pay for an expensive new awning.
Use DuraStik to cover over old wording & update it yourself!*

Already know what you need? Use these links to
Update it yourself with Pre-Spaced LETTERING ONLY  (currently not available)
Apply your new lettering directly to an awning

Update easier with LETTERS ON A PANEL (currently not available)
to cover over old lettering or to add new wording, easily!

Update your awning with a FULL COLOR PANEL 
Cover up over old lettering or add a graphic/logo

Update your look with COVER-OVER SHAPES 
These are contour-cut logos
Make it yourself with our self-adhesive ROLL GOODS 
sold by the roll and yard


What are GripAwn Awning Panels?

GripAwn is a thin, woven fabric with a very aggressive acrylic adhesive, made

to cover up and decorate flexible fabrics like awnings, canopies, tents, flags, banners and even non-porous objects like glass, metal and plastics.

Basic usage: GripAwn  by LetterBank is the most popular, cost-savings way to cover over old awning lettering and to add your own logo or business name! 


*Is it easy to install? GripAwn  is optimally applied by a professional to a clean, silicone-free surface. Can I do it myself? People like you have been installing this themselves for 12 years now, and some choose to ask for help from a local installer or sign shop.

Easy as 1-2-3 Checklist.
1- Check to see if there's silicone before starting, order a sample to try
2- Measure the area to be covered and send it in with your logo/wording.
3- Apply your new graphic, logo or wording in one piece!




GripAwn  Cover-Ups work on almost any woven fabric including canopies, awnings, flags, clothing, jackets and sailboat sails (always test first for silicone finish). Waterproof, windproof and flexible!

GripAwn  Cover-Ups are made to easily mask over existing awnings without paint.

Product use article here on how to use GripAwn 
By the roll and by the yard 
GripAwn  News Release  
Will this work on my awning? 

Order a small random sample sent by first-class mail to test on your project awning, tent, sports uniform or jacket. Order here