"We finally got a break in the rain and installed our awning cover yesterday.  We couldn’t be happier!    Thanks for all your help to get this project completed.  "

Celebrate the return of LetterBank's Awning Signage

LetterBank is the one source for custom awning cover-over panels, made to hide any old wording, easily. Do it yourself (DIY!) to save the costs of sign shops and awning companies by designing and installing it yourself.*

The LetterBank Cover-Over Panels are custom made to order. See some of the newest options below. The panels are made from AwnGrip, a very thin, woven fabric made of very tough polyester with an aggressive adhesive , designed to remain flexible and to stay put in strong rains, wind, storms, sun and ice. 

LetterBank's MyDIYsigns is now accepting orders for self-stick lettering alone and for white lettering over black panels. New options include using a standard color background panel in blue, deep red, charcoal, yellow and some day-glo colors, too.
NEW: Full color logos are now available on a limited time basis.** Look here for details and a price request form.

Read more about awning cover-overs.
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 From one of our customers, "We couldn’t be happier! Thanks for all your help to get this project completed."

"Thrilled with this product.  You found a great niche and working with you saved me a few thousand dollars.

*While we support DIY projects, we strongly recommend installation by a professional if you are unsure of the safety in doing so, or if there is any risk of harm or damage to yourself or others.
**Full-color logos are rated 1.5 years in outdoor vertical applications and may last less or more than the average. For longer term installations, the logo parts can be covered over with a fresh print when needed for extended-length exhibits.

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