Cheap Sign Option: Economy Foam Letters

Cheap Sign Option: Economy Foam Letters

What are economy foam letters, and how can I use them?

The economy foam sign letters are 1" expanded polystyrene. These foam letters can be used for indoor / outdoor signage when primed painted and installed correctly.  We sell painted foam letters ready to install. Our painted letters are painted on the front and sides only, we do not paint the back of the letters because they are made to attach to a wall so the back is not exposed. The wall supports the thin letters. We also sell unpainted foam letters. If you buy unpainted letters they MUST be primed and painted before you install them as signage, use exterior latex primer and paint only, do not use oil based paint or solvent based paints.
We offer five colors for our painted letters... Gusto gold (yellow color),  Bridgeport blue,  Positive red,  Black, White. These colors are the only colors offered. We only use Sherwin Williams paint.

If you've already priced foam lettering, you probably wonder how we sell these for this lower cost.  We cut and stock the letters during the slow season. We only stock specific fonts to be able to offer them online at dramatically reduced prices, the font (letter style) you see is the font you will receive. 

How are these letters so inexpensive?

We buy our material in bulk, cut and stock thousands of foam letters, numbers, symbols etc.  Just because we discount these letters does not mean they are low quality. For example, you will find some of our competitors selling the same type of letter made of the exact same material for much more.

Dimensional (3D) foam sign letters can be used for indoor or outdoor wall and building signs after painting, rated 2-3 years out side. Foam sign letters provide a cost effective alternative to the more expensive channel, metal, and acrylic lettering. 
Foam letters are also good as props, displays, wall decor, crafts and many other lettering projects. Almost anyone can install foam sign lettering using silicone for outdoor installation or double sided tape for indoor installations.  After the lettering has been painted and installed correctly foam letters can last for years, even outdoors in virtually all climates.

How to mount economy foam letters

For letters up to 12 inches tall, apply a 3/8" bead of clear silicone (see pic) to the back of the letter and press to your surface.  Apply a double line of silicone for letters larger than 12 inches tall.  The silicone should be rated minimum ten year outdoor durability if the sign letters will be used for outdoor signs.  For wall surfaces that are not smooth - textured like stucco, apply extra silicone.
These are individual wall letters, mounted one letter at a time, you can space the sign letters as you like, increase or decrease the length of your sign by spacing the letters closer or farther apart.  You can attach the letters vertical, horizontal , arched or any way you like.  For unpainted letters apply 1 coat latex exterior primer and 2 to 3 coats of exterior latex paint allowing each coat to completely dry before applying the next coat of paint.  Be sure to use a quality exterior latex paint.  Do not use spray paints, oil based paints or any solvent based paints on the letters. Info is subject to updates and change without notice.

How to order economy foam letters

#1. Choose letter size- click on the small arrow next to painted or unpainted letters and choose size from drop down menu. If your ordering painted letters, you will also need to choose your color.

#2. Type the letters you want in the "Enter your letters here box". Be sure to enter your text in uppercase if you want uppercase letters, and type it in lowercase if you want lowercase letters, we ship the letters like you type it in the text box. After you enter the letters you want, click the add to cart button.

#3. Enter the quantity of letters you are buying. For example; If you entered 10 letters in the text box, you will change the quantity from 1 to 10. Basically, your quantity will be the same as the amount of letters you entered into the "enter your text here box". If you make a mistake, simply click remove and start over.
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