Custom Personalizing Your Awning Just Got Easier!

Custom Personalizing Your Awning Just Got Easier!

Personalized Awnings.
Now, easier than ever before. Place custom awning graphics, photos and wording over existing painted awnings, all in one easy step.

LetterBank, the pioneering sign company which has been creating awning lettering for existing awnings for over a decade, is proud to announce the all-in-one printed panels for easier installation.

Finally, you can apply all the lettering and graphics in one piece (or multiple pieces, based on the length of your awning). It's much easier than putting up individually cut letters by a factor of 1000%!

Custom graphics are printed in long-lasting colors onto a roll of our AwnGrip Hi-Tack Adhesive Fabrics, allowing you to install your own awning graphics simply!

Can I use the panels to hide old painted lettering?
Yes, you sure can. All you need to do is measure the lettering area (how tall and how wide in inches or centimeters) and send a photo of the awning, so we can find out the best options available! 

Single panels of LetterBank's printed AwnGrip wording and graphics are made and sent to you with instructions, up to 4.3 feet (52") by 15 feet or whatever the most economical sizes are for your project. Some projects require multiple panels- we'll let you know what works best for simple installation.

AwnGrip was originally created by LetterBank Signs + Print in 2009, to cover over old painted lettering and now, it has introduced a new and beautiful addition to the AwnGrip line, to make your project much easier to do!

Will this cover old painted letters on a sailboat sail or weatherproof cover?
This is designed to stick to virtually any flexible or rigid surface that does not have a silicone-type of spray on it. 

How can I test for silicone spray?
Will it work on my awning/tent/canopy/sail or flag?
Order a small sample of  AwnGrip to test first. Within a few days, you'll receive a small test piece which you can test on your project. Simply remove the backing paper from the super-thin fabric, exposing the strong adhesive, and stick it to your project.

This sounds terrific. Where do I begin?
You can use this simple form to send us your request. You will need to have:
[1] Height and length of existing lettering on the awning, if any.
[2] Send photo of awning (and/or) artwork file.
That's it! We can price your project or make suggestions once we have all the details.

We're here to help. Any one of our staff can assist you, as we're employee owned and operated- you're always communicating with a part-owner, never a receptionist or clerk.

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