How to create an entrance sign in metal letters and molded permanent lifetime letters

How to create an entrance sign in metal letters and molded permanent lifetime letters

Making Easy D.I.Y. Professional Entrance Signs with Lifetime Warranty Letters

There are countless options to creating a memorable, professional looking entrance sign. 

about the project for your complex, building, entrance drive and development for HOA improvements within any budget. 

See the simple guide below to determine the best options by budget if that's your primary concern.

Note that regardless of how much your team may have allocated, the letters all have a Lifetime Limited Warranty if they crack, discolor or break once professionally installed. Details on our warranty available upon request.

Cost by kind of letters: In the first set of images from least to most cost is Formed CAB Plastic, Flat CAB Plastic and Injection Molded CAB Plastic.
Cellulose Acetate Butyrate (CAB plastic) is a recyclable plastic that’s made from wood and cotton-fiber material that’s reportedly completely recyclable. 

Letter pricing is based on the following factors:
Size of letter, kind of letters (see choices throughout this article) and any custom finish or lighting you may want to add. 

The next kind of letters available are indeed the most popular kind since the 1930s, almost 90 years ago. However today's manufactured flat and cast metal letters are made for durability and good looks. 

Cost by kind of letters:
In the second set of images from least to most costly is as follows: Flat metal (depending on the thickness and finish), cast metal and fabricated metals. The distinctive advantages of fabricated metal is that the letters may be individually equipped with LED lights for a "halo glow" lighting effect at extra cost and provide a much "thicker", deeper letter side that might add to the appearance attractiveness in certain applications.

All our different types of letters provide a worry-free solution for semi-permanent and permanent residential and commercial installations with a Lifetime Warranty.

12" and 8" flat aluminum letters in Copperplate font shown with with custom mounting bars.

Injection molded Times Roma font in 15" and 4" sizes in white and blue. Smash burger below is in custom painted and gold finish stainless steel with custom LED lighting.
For pricing and questions, we'd love to hear from you. Send us a few lines describing your project! Be sure to include any relevant details including the surface or kind of wall you will be mounting onto, any budgetary limits you may want to meet, sizes or distance you want the wording to be readable from and of course, a photo of the project area is always helpful! 

The Oakmont residential entrance is 
  • SIZE: 12” and 6”
  • COLOR: Dark Bronze Anodized Aluminum
  • STYLE: Optima font.

All of our custom made letters now come with a paper alignment and pre-drilling template as well for 100% easier installation. You provide the manpower and tool (we recommend an impact drill for stone or concrete and a conventional drill for other wall types. Simple silicone cement or caulk may be used for installation.

Leave a comment below or write us with details of your project.
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