New! Rigid stencil system for perfect letter mounting on walls is announced.

New! Rigid stencil system for perfect letter mounting on walls is announced.


Based on suggestions and feedback from our customers, we've improved our installation tools for metal and acrylic flat cut letters. These upgraded, updated tools make installation easier, saving you time and money.

Gemini and LetterBank introduce the Rigid Stencil (replacing the old paper patterns for letters 4" and smaller).


More durable than a paper stencil, the Rigid Stencil Guide is printed and cut on rugged, durable material, for precise placement without curling or tearing. A computer-generated, full-size cutout, the Rigid Stencil Guide is designed for smaller letters and logos.

A high-quality finished installation has never been simpler.

When you order self-adhesive tape on letters, you'll like


One-piece, full-coverage backing eliminates the nuisance of dealing with multiple pieces of double-face tape on every single letter. This improvement is now a standard feature for smaller, interior flat-mounted letters and logos.

Easier tape handling eliminates frustration and speeds up installation.

This new one-piece backing is for our flat cut metal and plastic letters.



And for larger letters, we are glad to introduce


Designed for larger, mounted metal letters, the computer-generated Perfect Pattern is calibrated to our production equipment. Printed on weather-resistant, tear-resistant material, it provides a guide to accurate drilling and mounting for the initial install, future replacement letters and duplicate signs in different sizes.

It's your guide to a perfectly mounted sign, every time.


Our customers spoke up about their installation challenges, and we worked hard to come up with solutions. What else can we do to support your business and help you deliver high-quality finished signs?

Let us know.
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LetterBank is a distributor for Gemini Lifetime Warranty letter products.

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