How to choose the best Roadside Portable Readerboard for your Business and Budget.

How to choose the best Roadside Portable Readerboard for your Business and Budget.

This brief article compares the available models of

roadside portable signs side by side with each other and focuses on features and differences.

Most of the signs are 8 feet wide and some are 6 feet. Although the difference in price is not significant, some people only want a small lighted sign and that's why we offer them.
For smaller and larger custom signs, contact us with your specs.

Material Preference, Steel v. Aluminum
The signs until recently were available in steel frames and formed sides. We now have these popular retro signs available in extruded aluminum which is easier to maintain and does not require repainting like steel.

A1 48 x 96" large arrow A7 48 x 96" flat arrow A7s 40 x 96" flat arrow
Economy 40 x 72"
Economy 40 x 96" 

Economy 48 x 96"

A6 40 x 72" flat arrow
A8 40 x 96" large arrow A11h 54 x 96 flashing bar

Sign face color
All of our signs are available with white or yellow sign face colors. There is no extra charge and the color is your choice.

Lighting options
We can now offer a customer favorite request, LED lighting. The slight extra cost averaging $150 removes the maintenance of replacing the older High Output (H.O.) fluorescent tubes with lighting that requires zero maintenance or replacement. 

Letter sets in colors
Now available again by popular request, we have additional letter sets in colors. All Red, All Black, All Blue, Magenta and Purple and the traditional Black and Red.

Storage for letters
Get a sturdy case made by Gemini with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty for keeping and sorting your letters simply and easily. Now available with wheels.

Need more help in making a selection?

Contact LetterBank | MyDIYsigns for free assistance.
Signs are made in our Kentucky plant. All prices include a full or starter set of letters, lighting where specified, steel stands (excluding the wall-mount sign) and must be boxed and palletized for shipping as needed, and available for pickup at our KY dock.

Freight shipping is available and determined by your shipping address. To determine the freight to your address, send the complete street address so we can have it estimated.

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